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Vol. 55 No. 1 Fall 2012

Issue Theme: Scripture, Culture, and Missions


Terry L. Wilder

A Biblical Theology of Missions and Contextualization

Terry L. Wilder

Global Choices for Twenty-First Century Christians: Bringing Clarity to Missional Theology

Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Proclaiming the Changeless Truth in These Changing Times

Norman L. Geisler

Encountering Culture in Light of the Book of Daniel

Paige Patterson

Scriptura or Cultura: Is There a Sola in There?

Keith E. Eitel

Did Cape Town 2010 Correct the "Edinburgh Error"? A Preliminary Analysis

David J. Hesselgrave

Introduction to McGavran's Thoughts on the Church and Denominations

John M. Morris

The Church, the Denominations, and the Body

Donald McGavran

Wrinkling Time in the Missionary Task: A Theological Review of Church Planting Movements Methodology

John D. Massey

Review Essay (Part One): A Review and Critique of Tom Nettles' Chapter in Whomever He Wills

David W. Ponter

Review Essay of Whosoever Will

Mark T. Coppenger

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Vol. 54 No. 2 Spring 2012

Issue Theme: Southern Baptist Theology in the Late Twentieth Century


Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Southern Baptist Theology in the Twentieth Century: A Denomination Coming of Age

David S. Dockery

Herschel Harold Hobbs: Pastoral and Denominational Expositor-Theologian

James Leo Garrett Jr.

From Denominational Statesman to Rejected Leader; From Neglected Author to Recovered Author

James Leo Garrett Jr.

Theological Drift—World War II–1979

Paige Patterson

Roping the Whirlwind—A Renaissance Plan

Paige Patterson

To Rejoice or Not—An Assessment

Paige Patterson

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Vol. 54 No. 1 Fall 2011

Issue Theme: The New Atheism


Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Outrageous Quotes by New Atheists


Introduction to New Atheism: Apologetics and the Legacy of Alvin Plantinga

John D. Laing

The New Atheists: Lessons for Evangelicals

John D. Laing

Should We Fear that We are Deluded? Comments on Dawkins’ The God Delusion

John B. Howell III

The “Tergiversation” of Antony Flew: A Review and Assessment of There is a God

John D. Wilsey

How to Debate an Atheist—If you Must

William A. Dembski

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Vol. 53 No. 2 Spring 2011

Issue Theme: Authentic Christianity


Malcolm B. Yarnell III

When Hope Screams: Learning How to Suffer as Sons from the Book of Hebrews

Ched E. Spellman

True Discipleship: Radical Voices from the Swiss Brethren to Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Today

W. Madison Grace II

Emerging Church Hermeneutics and the Historical-Grammatical Method

Jason S. Sexton

The Twenty-First Century Believer and Entertainment: Living Radically in the Age of Distraction

Matthew C. Millsap

Seeing Jesus Clearly: A Sermon from Mark 8:22-23

J. Josh Smith

Review Essay: Did God Abandon Jesus at the Cross?

Gerardo Alfaro

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Vol. 53 No. 1 Fall 2010

Issue Theme: Dead Sea Scrolls


Malcolm B. Yarnell III

A Brief History of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Eric Mitchell

The Significance of the Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls

Peter W. Flint

Second Temple Exegetical Practices: Extra-Biblical Examples of Exegesis Compared with Those in the Book of Hebrews

Herbert W. Bateman IV

The Origin of Sin in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Ryan E. Stokes

Qumran Quagmire: Recent Debates REgarding the Identification of the Site

Steven M. Ortiz



Vol. 52 No. 2 Spring 2010

Issue Theme: Theology and Reading



Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Finding Friends

Paige Patterson

The Virtue of Reading

Mark Leeds

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Vol. 51 No. 1 Fall 2008

Issue Theme: Baptists and Unity



Malcolm B. Yarnell III

Lee Rutland Scarborough


Walter Thomas Conner


Charles Bray Williams


James Bruton Gambrell


Harvey Eugene Dana


Franz Marshall McConnell


Texas Baptists


Southern Baptists

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